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Scouting the Microverse by Ilterendi Scouting the Microverse :iconilterendi:Ilterendi 1 0
A Small Piece of the Night Life
He looked at her small form, the hair piled around her head  looking black in the dim light of the bedroom.  It made him feel better to imagine she was someone else, someone he didn't know.  This comfort bothered him as he watched her body inhale, exhale, shiver in sleep.  He sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed, curling his toes on the cold hardwood.
Out on the porch he held a flickering flame to a bent cigarette from a sweater pocket.  The air was humid and chilly around him, the clouds illuminated by a hidden moon.  The smoke made his head swim, a moment of euphoria that slipped too quickly into the night.  The icy boards groaned under his feet as he walked to the loud screen door, throwing the burning half-cigarette into a small puddle whose form and location he had memorized.
He had such an affinity for whiskey that the smell of it could make him feel slightly enlightened.  A small taste could throw him into a frenzy, but on th
:iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 0
Written Obsolescence - Part 1
"Oh, it's just a pattern, you know."  This explanation was never good enough for the doctor, and somehow John knew it wouldn't be good enough before he said it, but he couldn't stop himself.
"What does it mean, John?"  The man was simply relentless.  Analytic. Determined to break him down.
"I saw it one day."
"Well...when I wrote that second book I had a few experiences. One day I was doing some writing and this pattern just leaped out at me from the screen.  So I sketched it and took it to a tattoo artist."  Now the strange conglomerations of curves and double helix patterns wrapped his left forearm.
"Uh huh." The doctor didn't look up, but made some note on his tablet.  "A vision?"  It sounded like a question, but John did not see the point of answering this old man's questions.  John wondered how old he really was.
"Anything else I should know?  Anything you want to talk about?" None of these questions logically made sense to John
:iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 0
Autumn is all over me
When I feel the breeze
You left behind
Covering me like a sea
I see the earth in her beauty
Bitter joy, I watch the leaves
Tumbling down, another year
Will never be the same to me
Colder winds have tired me
Still, my heart is many colors
Filled too full with memories
And tears for whom I cannot see
Though brighter days will beckon me
Sun will dry away my rain
Make me smile with the pain
Forgotten you will never be
Now what are these cold winds to do?
Whisp'ring fears that I see through
My patchwork heart still sings a tune
And I can smile because of you
:iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 0
There's a certain type of cold, in a certain type of time, that sends a shiver of despair down the spine.  For David the shiver sometimes came when he stood in the cryogenic chamber looking around at all the sleeping passengers with all their hopes and dreams locked away inside of chilly, barely moving brains.  He never bothered to look at who they were, what they did, why they were going from this planet to that one. Those details, he knew, would only make him want to tell them the truth when they awakened in another time; bleary eyed travelers who had dreamed...and never experienced time the same way ever again. He did, however, keep track of how many souls had passed through his room of everlasting cold.  So far it had been nine hundred and ninety-two.  He was nearing his first millennium.
David never slept.  That is, he never slept like the passengers slept.  Instead he busied himself with reading and meditating, sometimes
:iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 1
Oh Well Said The Ocean
The clouds in the sky
Big and gray, humongous
Are the clouds in my mind
Not nearly as big?
Gone for a second
Here for a sound
That was the minute
Hanging by a thread
When I looked at you
But you didn't see me
Couldn't ask for more truth
Drifting down to the sea
Down with the warm rain
Narcotically comforting
As we made our cold way
Into the cold ocean
:iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 0
Lights and Running
What is happening to my brain?  And the world.  The other night I saw lights.  I don't know why I saw them, but they were in the sky and moving really fast.  I don't even have time to tell you why I'm taking the time to write this.
I found myself...well I'm not sure I have ever really found myself.  I was looking through pictures in a
holo viewer right before it happened.  It shows some three dimensional images of people.  These aren't people I know or have ever seen. They were famous long ago.  It says their names and professions and some other things about them, but I didn't care. I just wanted to find one that looked like me.
My reflection lies to me.  But that's a story for another time.  After I was sitting by the open window looking at the light-polluted sky, I realized that I needed to leave.  I had to take everything I own and get out.  It was pretty easy beca
:iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 0
Mature content
Looking Over My Shoulder :iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 0
Lost In The Universe
I still like to go outside and look at the stars, even if the cold is cutting like a knife, like tonight.  I look at the stars stuck fast in the crystal air and find the bright shapes that we used to find. When we sat on the light-speckled glass roof and just traced the paths of triangles and hexagons and stars within stars.
Occasionally I see the lights and shapes of ships as I gaze up into the pinpoints of light.  Not the planes that are bound for the many cities of the world, I mean the big interstellar vessels.  If I look up I can see them cast a shadow over a small part of the sky.
Sometimes I wonder if you could be traveling on one of them.  Maybe, just maybe, you're looking through a portal at these same stars. You could be looking for patterns and finding the same ones I am.  But that's terribly unlikely.
You always did like adventure, talked about it non-stop.  Except for the last time I saw you.
When I get very lonel
:iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 3
The Space To Run
The Space to Run
It was one o'clock in the morning.  The glowing numbers stared at him resolutely, forcing him to move.  The air was chill as he stood by the large window.  Outside a cobalt sky showed the stars like a city of light, twinkling in their slow treks around the horizon.
He crossed the large bedroom to the reflective glass door, which slid open soundlessly. His feet were cold on the smooth, stone floor.  The environmental control glowed a dim green on the wall. 56 degrees Fahrenheit.  A good number, but Anchal would complain in her not-unfriendly way the next morning.  She never liked it to get below 60, and even that was cold to her.  Understandably, as they lived in a desert, and her ancestors from the warm climes of India. He moved through the door, naked, a dark blue silhouette in the faint moonlight. Near the bathroom door he searched briefly for something to wear
:iconilterendi:Ilterendi 1 3
Trying Too Hard To Be Immortal
I whispered to the world
And said my secrets safe with you
Closed my eyes and turned
A golden key
Laid down to rest
But somehow
The earth had found
A way to be untrue
My secrets never mattered
To a mother cold as you
And no matter how I wished
Beneath stars or sinking moon
Not an answer
Just a promise
Of an ending coming soon
So I wandered through a thousand lives
And lived them one by one
Closed my eyes
They slipped away
I forgot where I'd begun
:iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 2
The Road Is Moving
I turn around
But nothing's there
We're running so fast
We forget where
I've gone so far in this lifeline
I need a new life
But where to start from?
We've been here so long
After awhile
We forget the beauty
Of the moment, the unknown
It's burning right through me
I gave you time
Time didn't care
Now who's waiting
Who's around the corner?
We're so far past a dead end
Feels like a start to forever
Where am I going?
The road is moving
After awhile
We forget the beauty
Of the moment, the unknown
It's burning right through me
:iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 0
As the moon rose
As the trees spoke
Swaying smoothly as the heart
With a beat that is red
and delicious
With fire coursing
and melting
Its way through time
Our fire, we felt
We cried that it belonged to us
But time and fire
Never knew our names
Our precious youth
and hidden games
That vanish, untraced
Yet we lay, boldly
Beneath the stars
Surrounded by emptiness
and beauty
For a moment
:iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 0
Hands and fingers feeling down
Cross the boundaries I laid
Sparks shatter my soundless world
Fulfill the wish I should have made
I want to feel like this forever
Lost in your loud world, all color
Dreaming through a lonely vessel
Living just to touch each other
Watch the dark hide your desires
Wrap yourself in reds and yellows
Lay yourself across my threshold
Forget the world and all its troubles
But time was slow and we were fast
Our fears rained down to drown our flames
We passed the day, refused the night
I thought of you and laughed and cried
All that's left - this thread of words
It's strong enough to pull you in
Or tie me up, make you a prison
I watch your mouth, it cuts my hands
:iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 1
Box by Ilterendi Box :iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 0
Tremble at Time
The rushing stream or
Slow drip
Making puddles
A shapeless minute
Given form
Wandering mind
The cries of "Wait!"
Are made in vain
We're faster ever flowing
The words we say
Our hidden names
These sculptures in the night
:iconilterendi:Ilterendi 0 0


Ready by ghgkdn Ready :iconghgkdn:ghgkdn 1,378 108 Forest Background by Burtn Forest Background :iconburtn:Burtn 453 27 Borghetto Stock 28 by Malleni-Stock Borghetto Stock 28 :iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 50 4 Misc. Architecture Stock 020 by Malleni-Stock Misc. Architecture Stock 020 :iconmalleni-stock:Malleni-Stock 67 6 Where We Were by Aenami Where We Were :iconaenami:Aenami 783 11 Have a(nother) go at it. by SunsetsWorkshop Have a(nother) go at it. :iconsunsetsworkshop:SunsetsWorkshop 27 8 Bowie by Valenberg Bowie :iconvalenberg:Valenberg 280 36 Fire by sulevlange Fire :iconsulevlange:sulevlange 412 45 Metropolis by VictorMosquera Metropolis :iconvictormosquera:VictorMosquera 2,170 104 PAX East Poison Ivy by tordavis PAX East Poison Ivy :icontordavis:tordavis 18 1 Growing mushrooms by dinabelenko Growing mushrooms :icondinabelenko:dinabelenko 2,153 25 The Deadly Nightcap Inn by needcaffine The Deadly Nightcap Inn :iconneedcaffine:needcaffine 60 13 Into the Sacred by Miguel-Santos Into the Sacred :iconmiguel-santos:Miguel-Santos 1,572 39 Twisted Logic by ratulupadhyay Twisted Logic :iconratulupadhyay:ratulupadhyay 581 67 The Topiary by JJcanvas The Topiary :iconjjcanvas:JJcanvas 1,887 32 Homecoming 2 by JonasDeRo Homecoming 2 :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 5,012 115


So much time can pass when you're least expecting it.  Even when you are expecting it, it can be jolting.  At the very end of the year it's easy for time to get crazy.  There's so much to look back on when you realize just how many times you've done the same things over and over, just slightly differently every time.

How many people will say that they've done everything they expected to do?

Keep track of the seconds.  Every second you're in ecstasy, keep it firmly set in your mind, carve a memory into your juicy, living brain.  I think you'll find that you have a lot to be happy about, even when you don't expect it.  I just have to remember that they are the past and I am creating the future.

Don't try to create new ones exactly the same, because they can't be the same.  Every experience is different, no matter how subtle.  And every fantasy and desire has its price and its reward to be balanced on the scales of your mind.  This year the scales will be tipped and new experiences will be tossed upon the waves of time.  Tonight I listen to the crashing of the world and I stand ready for it to surround me while I drive ever harder towards...
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United States
Search myself for the reason
Forever loving greed
I am bored of silence
So what have I to say?


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